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Burnout questionnaire

This confidential questionnaire can help you screen yourself for symptoms of burnout. It will help you identify feelings and experiences you have about your work, so that you can get a feel for whether you might be vulnerable to burnout.

Burnout can occur often in caring professions.

Factors contributing to burnout include excessive workloads, patients pressures, lack of control, interference from managers, insecurity, reorganisation, poor support, front-line practice, perceived threats of complaints or violence and dysfunctional workplaces.

So that we may gather an idea of the type of person who is completing this questionnaire, please answer the questions below.


Below you will find a series of statements with which you may agree or disagree. Please select a radio button under the column that best matches your agreement with each statement.

This questionnaire is based on the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) developed by Dr. Evangelia Demerouti.